Wednesday, October 19, 2022


These Netflix Series Deserve to Have Another Season!


Netflix is already an inseparable part of my daily life. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've been using my internet fixed broadband service to binge-watch their shows. Thankfully my internet provider has a large bandwidth. I can watch, pause, and re-watch them without worry I have to wait for it to finish buffering. 

Unfortunately, I can't say the same for these Netflix series. I do believe Netflix should work on new seasons for these series. I enjoy most of their shows, but I love these three the most. 

Three Netflix Series that Should Have More Seasons 

Here are three Netflix original series that deserve more seasons. They are fresh, aesthetically pleasing, and certainly don't disappoint in any episode. 

The Queen’s Gambit 

I don't deny that this series brought Anya Taylor-Joy more exposure. And I certainly can't see anyone but her leading this series. But The Queen Gambit itself holds a fresh and uniquely humane take on a genius mind. 

Did you know that more girls learn about chess after watching the Queen Gambit? That alone should be enough reason for Netflix to start a new season. 

Russian Doll 

It gutted me to find that Russian Doll only has two seasons. I can't imagine living my daily life like Nadia's. But her adventure is unique and addictive. To me, Nadia represents most people who always wonder if they could change some of their past decisions. 

Black Mirror 

I can't believe that it's been years since the last season of Black Mirror. They have numerous critically acclaimed episodes that offer a fascinating insight into the relationship between humans and technology. 

If you think your internet provider only gives you internet, watching Black Mirror episodes may change your mind. For sure, I started to doubt almost everything in my daily life after watching the "Entire History of You" and "Nosedive" episodes. 

I'd be more than happy if Netflix renewed any of these series. There are rumors that the new season of Black Mirror is currently in production. But until Netflix releases the episodes, it's still a wait-and-see game. 

As you can see, my internet provider and Netflix play a large part in my daily life. They are my main source of entertainment. I turn to the internet for the latest information and binge-watch all of my favorite Netflix shows. 

You sure understand the need for having high-speed internet access. A provider with an internet fixed broadband service is the only way to go. That's how you can enjoy Netflix without any delay. 

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